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Foreign Nationals: Forming Sleeper Cells & Given Free Rein at US Nuclear Labs - Patriot UpdatePatriot Update

"Last year, an 82-year-old nun was in the news for having broken into the U.S. government's key bomb-grade uranium storage facility. Recently, however, according to a federal audit, security was compromised at another nuclear weapons lab when thousands of foreign nationals from communist and Middle Eastern countries were granted "unaccompanied access."

According to Judicial Watch, "Both facilities-Y-2 National Security Complex and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)-store dangerous materials, are run by the U.S. government and are located in Oak Ridge Tennessee. Security became a huge issue last August when the Catholic nun, a renowned antinuclear activist, and two other seniors somehow managed to evade what the government calls the 'most stringent security in the world' to penetrate the Y-2 plant, which the feds claim is the 'Fort Knox of Uranium.'"

Meanwhile, while the NSA, CIA & the FBI are focusing on the extremists in this country. Last year an 82 yr old nun broke into an U.S. government's key bomb-grade uranium storage facility.
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