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Beikirchs really does have some outstanding pricing and service, I picked up Federal small pistol primers by the case for $22 per 1000. So how is it the gun shop in walworth sell the exact same thing for $39.99, it boggles my mind. As much as I want to support my Wayne County shops, this is just madness.

Same goes for the powders, typically 1lb Unique around $15, again it is over $23 per pound there.

Dave is a great gunsmith but man, he really is getting over on the novices ;(

Sorry just needed to get that out there, and lets face it, only you gun nuts will listen to my whining heh.

I still like to stop in and shoot the breeze with em.

Also Beikirchs stocks pretty much all the Dillon items as well, to my pleasant surprise lower that any I've seen even on line. Had I know that I would of gave them my business for the press I purchased.
But all my accessories and conversions have and will come from them.

I had no idea the amount of inventory they had there. There must of been 35 customers in there last Saturday. Good stuff.
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