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So the family and I went on a trip last week across four states. I decided to carry during this trip.
As others have said, very aware of what was on my hip. Feeling very awkward and felt that others
could tell. I even had the occasional bump with the chair. Constantly running scenarios as what to
do and how to handle a perceived situation. All in all it was a definite learning experience. During
the trip back, I was much more "comfortable" with carrying. The worst situation was while getting
fuel in Ohio. Standing there filling up, an Ohio State Trooper pulls in the space next to us. Walking by
at a little more than an arms length. (Remember the trooper going off a while back? That video was on
a loop in my head) Of course no one knew but me and the family.
Bottom line is that I will be carrying at every opportunity. Stay safe!
Don't be paranoid!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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