Once again, this year, we'll be celebrating Firearms Appreciation Month, September 2012! Another year in a row, we're the #1 firearms blog/community website in NY, so we're going to celebrate and promote firearms appreciation and awareness. We are going to be posting some great topics throughout the month, and even have some guest bloggers and articles!

Many of our sponsors and partners will be offering special discounts to members on this site during the month! I will be adding the specials to this post as they let me know what the specials might be! We'll also be doing some great karma giveaways on here and on facebook so keep an eye out!

Also, we'll again be making up a T-Shirt for FAM but this time we're going to be offering an amazing twofor special with the brand new NYFirearms shirts that are scheduled to release that month also. Once I have the sponsors and the design finalized up, I'll post it in here! Please post up if you're interested so I can get an idea of how many to get!

Thanks again for being part of such a great community of like-minded enthusiasts! We're now just over 4 years old with 5000+ members! Nice job!

T-Shirt Design

NYFirearms Firearms Appreciation Month 2012 T-Shirt


Allstar Tactical
Front Site Post
Firearms Training of Western NY
Firefly Firearms
I.C.E. Training (Rob Pincus)
MDTS Training
NVP Paintball
Onsight Firearms Training
Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts
ROCity Holsters
Rochester Personal Defense
Technotic Media
True Negative

The button to purchase the shirts will be up shortly!