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After get this 15 months of waiting my pistol permit came, I am happy but it's for hunting and target I was hoping for unrestricted I guess that does not happen in crappy Erie county, now I can go and buy my gun, should I buy a compact gun or will they think I'm going to carry anyways I'm not that stupid but that's the type of gun I want and how long should I wait to go for unrestricted
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congrats. i wouldnt worry about if they think you are going to carry or not. get whatever gun you desire and what feels good for you.
Congrats and stay safe. In general, get whatever gun you're comfortable with and will use. You have a carry permit with administrative restrictions placed on it by your local judge. More specificly, what is your intended use for this gun? A compact is great to carry for self defense but may not be all that comfortable spending a few hours at the range. If you're looking primarily for home defense, a standard frame may provide more options for lights etc. Only you can answer what's best for your intended use. Pardon my french, but f' what the county thinks. That should be the least of your concerns. Good luck.
Technically even with the restrictions you can carry anytime. They are only administrative. It's up to you if you'd want to worry that if you got "caught", which you should not anyway, carrying outside of them and the cop wants to report you you might get flack. With that in mind, though I would not worry about whatever you add because buying doesn't equate to carrying.
You've got the permit. Get what you want to get. I doubt the permit clerks spend any time worrying about what kind of gun you bought.
Pistol Permit people do not care what you buy. Buy what fells and looks good for you. Where you going for your first gun?
get what you want, feel comfortable with, and can afford. It is YOUR permit and YOUR gun
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