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Education Key to Gun Safety - YNN, Your News Now

Gun safety experts say education is the key to preventing accidents like the one in Irondequoit.Rochester Personal Defense provides fire arms safety and self-defense training for anybody.

The company's said it's important to know the gun laws for instance, the City of Rochester has an ordinance where any unattended firearm must be locked and secured, or have a trigger lock on it.

Also be sure to store your guns unloaded, with the ammunition separate from the fire arm.
"We use a famous line that, we all knew growing up where our Christmas presents were hidden, because we all looked. You're kids know where your guns are stored I guarantee it and if they don't they're just not telling you so you have to go with that premise that they know where they are. If they're locked and secured that's good and if they're not they need to be," said Dave Jenkins, founder of Rochester Personal Defense.
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