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Have some militaria I wouldn't mind trimming down. Might as well see if there's any interest!

- West German flecktarn jackets (2), size L. A bit faded, but in good working order. I'd estimate by the button setup that these are from the late 70s. SOLD
- West German flecktarn jacket, size L. Strong pattern, definitely from the 90s. SOLD

- East German military police rain coat (1), size XL. This is a thin rain coat coated with some kind of water-repellent, completely unworn. Comes in the original issue wrapper with size card (size 52). Comes with a belt. Grey coat with no insignia, looks very nice. $20.
- East German canteen (10). Unused plastic canteen in a rain camo cover with aluminum cup. $5 each.

FTF in Binghamton for these.

EDIT: Added some representative pictures. That's one of the faded jackets, one of the canteens and the rain coat.


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