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Long story short, I missed the front rails when re-assembling my PPQ and before I noticed, I had pulled back on the slide, leaving the recoil spring exposed (with front end slide clearly not on the front rails). I only managed to get the slide back once or twice before it became completely stuck. I even tried to dry fire it to get the slide loose (to no avail).

Then I tried to pry/wiggle the slide loose, by pulling somewhat on the front end of the slide to see if I could manage to work the slide, again to no avail..

I eventually took it to a gun smith and he removed the slide for me.. I told him I was concerned that there may have been damage to the gun, but he said not to worry as there wasn't any. I took it to the range and put a few hundred rounds through it with no issues.

I called up Walther and they said not to worry as a gun smith would notice if there were any issues and after firing the gun that many times, you would of noticed if there were any problems with your gun, such as a cracked frame etc etc.

Now my question is to all the respectable pistol owners on this site, should I be worried about stress to the polymer frame or even to the steel guide rails from this incident? Or is the gun stronger than I think?

I love the gun and all, but I'm concerned that I may have damaged the gun and it may not be dependable if I ever need it to be.

I think I'm overly concerned, but I don't think it's unreasonable on my part.
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