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Via the Walton reported 1/22/14

New York Revolution (NYR) has organized an event on Saturday 8 Feb at 10:00 am. The event will be at the Doanld W. Gleason American Legion Post 190 on Page Ave in Delhi, NY.

Speakers include:

State Senator James Seward and Assemblyman Peter Lopez.

Delaware County Board of Supervisors James Eisel and Mark Tuthill.

NYR members: George Curbelo, Gia Arnold, Lisa Donovan and Jake Pamateer.

Voice of Patriots: Melody Burns and Keven Sisson.

Ulster County OathKeepers, President Garlan Walsh III.

KeyNote speaker is Ludwig Knapp, "a native of Germany who lived under the Hitler regime, and as a boy, was part of the Hitler youth." "He moved to America to live with an uncle and served in the US Army." He authored the book "Growing up under Hitler." "Mr. Knapp has a message for us regarding the direction our country is heading."

Nice to see the ladies getting involved.

Actions speak louder than words.

Andy, I will not comply.

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Moving this to Laws & Politics.
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