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I just received a new holster from Defensive Line Leathers and wanted to write up a quick review. I wanted a leather OWB holster for my Sig SP2022. All my holsters are leather, must have a body shield and no top strap, so I usually customize whatever I buy. I also wanted to get an Avenger style holster. I do not like kydex holsters and only use leather when I carry my handguns.
I emailed Tim Shaffer at Defensive Line Leathers at the beginning of June. He didn't have a blue gun for the SP2022 but said he could get one soon. We discussed options and prices, but nothing firmed up for an order. 2 days later he emailed me back; he bought and now had the blue gun for this model and would build a holster for me. I agreed on the design (black sharkskin reinforcement on a Cordovan color body), and would get a check out to him. He started the build before he received my check. He emailed me along the way, updating the status of the build. I expected a month or so until I would receive it, but... 11 days later, here it is.
The leather is top quality, very thick and nice coloring. Tight stitching which is doubled up along the belt slots and it has a nice tight fit for the gun. $79-including shipping less than 2 weeks. Top quality leather with real sharkskin reinforcement, this is a top quality Avenger style holster for a great price, and I didn't have to wait months and months. I can't recommend them enough and will be ordering an additional Avenger holster for another handgun I own and a couple mag pouches. I like this style and find it fits what I need for a cc holster. I am not associated with Defensive Line Leathers in anyway. I'm just passing along a great product, at a great price, with great customer service.
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