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Day 2 Appleseed at Sara Spa

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I felt I was shooting pretty good yesterday hope it's not a washout today! WE got lucky the rain would stop or slow down when we were changing targets, Now to take some Advil and get reaady for day 2, 40 round 4min AQT's
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Unfortunately I will not be able to make this next work party day at the range. I have a family function out near Buffalo that weekend which I must attend. Regarding Appleseed, I intend to pick myself up a 10/22 and get it set up with the rear peep sight before the September shoot. Currently, I only have a Savage MK II bolt that I don't think would be very optimal for the event. This Appleseed thing seems very interesting to me!
Someone used a bolt-action .22 in the Appleseed I participated in last year. She actually did quite well for the most part, with the time trials being the only thing that ruined her score. On the second day one of the instructors brought an extra 10/22 for her to use.

Nortatoga, nice job!
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