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Just received this email from SCOPE

Breaking NEWS!
Beginning in January we started calling, emailing, faxing and writing.
We have called written and emailed at every turn. The SAFE Act still passed.

The Governor sent out the State Police to sell the SAFE Act with little advance warning.
We mobilized and attened these Spin Sessions with Standing Room Only!

We mobilized for County Meetings and the resolutions began passing in county after county. A map of the counties passing resolutions is a deafening statement of how we feel about our friends in Albany and their actions.

Time and time again we mobilized and rallied but we were constantly ignored or dismissed as what the Media calls the "vocal minority"

It has been 6 weeks of chaos culminating with a huge rally tomorrow.

Well there are two breaking stories that offer some good news for all of our efforts.

1.) Listen to Assembly Representative David DiPeitro on the radio with Tom Bauerle in Buffalo today.
Bauerle with David DiPietro
Cuomo will now be hindered by Sheldon Silver,but the courts may give them both a way out.

2.) New York State has until April 29 to respond or else an injunction will be issued.

State Supreme Court wants NYS to show good cause that gun law is constitutional
By NEWSChannel 2 StaffStory Created: Feb 27, 2013 at 5:18 PM EST
Story Updated: Feb 27, 2013 at 5:18 PM EST
BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Buffalo-based attorney who is spear-heading a lawsuit against Governor Andrew Cuomo's recent gun laws said that Wednesday was "monumental," as a State Supreme Court Justice issued an order requiring New York State to show good cause that the law is constitutional.

New York State has until April 29 to respond or else an injunction will be issued.

On Thursday, thousands are expected in Albany to rally against the Governor's gun laws. Many are looking to preserve local jobs at places such as Remington Arms, while others say they are just citizens who feel that their Second Amendments are being infringed upon.

See you all in Albany tomorrow!
This is not a victory yet but it is some good news for all of us and we really need some good news.
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