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I haven't seen the people from appleseed on here to answer questions in quite some time. I think i'm going to remove this forum and put everything into the events forum. It was my only requirement when I made it.... check in from time to time to see if anyone has any questions that need answering.

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You can go to Appleseed Project Web-site click register on-line it brings up a map of the US check NY it will give you dates/locations for the next few months. I'll be working the Rotterdam shoot July 21/22 as an IIT!

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Saratoga Springs, NY - Sep 15-16
Burlington Flats, NY - Sep 15-16
Lake George, NY - Sep 22-23
Coxsackie, NY - Sep 29-30
Hudson Falls, NY - Oct 6-7
Manhattan, NY - Oct 12-13
Rotterdam, NY - Oct 13-14
Winslow, NJ - Nov 3-4
Manhattan, NY - Nov 9-10
Lake George, NY - Nov 17-18
Manhattan, NY - Dec 7-8

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How do a free people stay free? How did the American people even get free in the first place? You do know that America by design was created by people for people with the power to govern themselves. Though there are a few stipulations and requirements in order to take the idea and simple words off the page of a specific document and bring them to life in our world. How does a physically fit man keep himself in pristine shape? How did this man get into that good of shape to begin with? Being diligent in exercise and nutrition are both building blocks to mastering the physical body. A committed determination must be the driving force for success in achieving goals of such a high standard. No one can just sit on the couch and waste away and expect to become physically fit. Another example that you can relate to would be of a master musician that plays jazz guitar. Was this man born playing at that high level of musicianship, or did he wake up one day in adulthood and decide to start playing and become proficient without hard work? No not at all, that man worked very hard over a life's time studying and practicing, going through the ups and downs of progress with a profound awareness for perfection. That is how we achieve something good and keep it. So now more importantly I ask what it will take to make the point to a people that their Liberties, past, present and futures are being relied upon by their unvarying participation in government. Without participation there is no achievement. What will it take to combat the constant bombardment of distractions on a people in order to divert them from their inherent responsibilities to their government? Trying to get the attention of the American Citizen and inform him or her about the truth of our Nation and all that it implies is a daunting task. Project Appleseed has volunteered to take on that job. Project Appleseed has set into motion a program developed specifically in teaching the historic beginning of our Nation's birth. A Constitutional Republic supported by its body of Citizenry. All the questions above and the examples of success are attributed to personal responsibility. Now take that personal responsibility and add it to the collective group in order to secure the Republic's Liberties. That is what we need on a grand scale for the Republic's welfare. Please take this into account as we stand and watch yet another year go bye and the unfortunate steady erosion of the idea of America. They say that time does not wait for anyone but keeps on going. If you miss the bus well then you walk. Has the American Citizen missed the bus? How many buses have we missed and is the last bus quickly approaching? Will this be the last chance to ride the bus of Liberty? Has time been kind to us or has time been a bit obnoxious? Has time been kind to our Country or has it slowly and steadily eroded the ideals of America away by enacting unconstitutional legislation? The same way an ocean wave progressively beats down upon the rocky coast. Crashing wave upon crashing wave till the jagged edges of Liberty and Freedom that belong to a people of a great nation are worn down and eroded. Liberty and Freedom are worn down until all that is left is a submissive nonthreatening smooth surface that can and will be walked upon by the bare feet of oppression and tyranny. Those soiled bare feet of oppression and tyranny shall trample upon the now non protected surface, a bare people now exposed and helpless. These soiled bare feet now have their way and dance with the devil. The once robust sharp rocks protecting the shores of America have nearly all withered away and rendered her defenseless along with her people.
Project Appleseed Instructors have assembled the 2014 calendar of Project Appleseed events so that we can provide the New York State Citizens some refuge from the storm. Project Appleseed is the answer. Project Appleseed is part of the greater solution. Project Appleseed shall provide History, Heritage & Rifle Marksmanship so that we can revitalize our Constitutional Republic. We will not quit nor falter till our job is done and Liberty is restored. That is why we live, so that others can know the truth, for it is in giving that we receive. So let us give to our Republic, give back to her all she has given since her birth on April 19th 1775. This Proclamation is to the American Citizen to awake. Come awake at a Project Appleseed event and get History, Heritage, Rifle Marksmanship and Civic Involvement. Please visit our website homepage. Project Appleseed Home
Mar 15 & 16 - Westchester, NY / Blue Mountain Sportsman Center
Mar 22 & 23 - Livingston, NY / Kalicoontic Rod & Gun
Mar 22 - Manhattan, NY / Westside Rifle & Pistol Range

Apr 12 & 13 - Kinderhook, NY / Kinderhook Sportsman Club
Apr 26 & 27 - Saratoga Springs, NY / SaraSpa Rod & Gun Club
Apr 26 & 27 - Coxsackie, NY / Sportsman Club

May 3 & 4 - New Bremen, NY / Fish & Game Club
May 3 & 4 - Otisco Lake, NY / Rod & Gun Club
May 10 & 11 - Westchester, NY / Blue Mountain Sportsman Center
May 10 & 11 - Livingston, NY / Kalicoontic Rod & Gun
May 24 & 25 - Saugerties, NY / Fish & Game Club
Jun 7 & 8 - New Bremen, NY / Fish & Game Club
Jun 7 & 8 - Burlington Flats, NY / Fish & Game Club
Jun 21 & 22 - Hopewell Junction, NY / Whortlekill Rod & Gun
Jul 12 & 13 - Westchester, NY / Blue Mountain Sportsman Center
Jul 19 & 20 - Rotterdam, NY / Iroquois Rod & Gun Club
Jul 26 & 27 - New Bremen, NY / Fish & Game Club
Aug 2 & 3 - Lake George, NY / Dunham's Bay Fish & Game Club
Sep 6 & 7 - Saugerties, NY (LadySeed) / Fish & Game Club
Sep 13 & 14 - Kinderhook, NY / Kinderhook Sportsman Club
Sep 20 & 21 - Saratoga Springs, NY / SaraSpa Rod & Gun Club
Sep 27 & 28 - Rotterdam, NY / Iroquois Rod & Gun Club
Oct 11 & 12 - Westchester, NY / Blue Mountain Sportsman Center
There will be other events added to the 2014 calendar as this is a working schedule so please visit our web page for updated information. Project Appleseed is a 501(c)(3) non-profit National program and holds events in almost every State.
..For information call Nick @ 917 359-5606 or check the website.. Project Appleseed Home
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