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Custom molded in-ear protection

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Today I was looking at my surefire EP4 ear plugs and while I love how they fit, They don't block as much sound as I would like. The typical foam ear plug just doesn't feel that great for me so I got them and wasn't let down. Well I saw an alternative would be a solution from Radians, for $12, that was a molded material that you put in your ear and let it set up. This sounded perfect and I saw that many people use them to not only plug their ears but to mount their In-ear, ear phones to make an inexpensive custom molded monitor.

The material that Radians uses is a silicone putty. It is a 2 part putty that is used to make molds and you can find it in craft stores. The putty takes 20 minutes to set up once its in your ear and then separates with no problem. My first attempt doesn't look really pretty but I assure you they fit so snug that barely any sound bleeds through. I can cut the putty away easily and re-do them if they annoy me. I am going to make a pair for shooting that will not contain ear plugs. I will most likely use a strong fishing line to keep them together or possibly something I can find at the craft store that will suit the use better.

Anyway here they are.

Computer Personal computer Laptop Peripheral Input device

There are dyes to change the color but I was just doing this to try it out. The putty costs $20 at hobby lobby, which seems to have enough putty to do at least 10 sets of ear plugs. Not a bad deal at all.
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I use them for shooting, and have had nothing but good results from them.
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