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We just received our CrossTac Armorer Mat and love it so we posted a quick overview ...

From GunSpec Blog:

CROSSTAC Pro Armorer Mat: Rugged Utilitarianism for the Range or Field by gspecadmin on May 30, 2012

The functional and rugged Pro Armorer Mat by CROSSTAC screams utilitarian. Made of two layers of ToughTek 1000-Denier, the mat is oil and solvent proof. The material surface is grip friendly allowing for slip free stability. It is 18″x24″ mat that folds to 1/4 of its original size.

The Pro Armorer Mat doesn't stop at just simply being another bench mat. What makes it special is the included features that really convey a sense of function. The upper corners contain magnets that allow you to hold and stabilize small metal parts and pins while working.

The mat's bottom left corner also contains a series of elastic and zippered pockets that allow for tool storage. Tethered to the mat are two "impact pads" - one made of leather, the other hard plastic. These pads are a very nice inclusion for "on the fly" armorer work. You can drive pins, drift sights, or do whatever you need to without marring your firearm finish.

Finally, the heavy stitching and included MultiCam pattern on the Pro Armorer's Mat makes sure that when it comes to repairing in the field, this thing isn't screwing around.

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