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Crazy pills in the water in Rochester?

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Man arrested over threat to kill Obama |

This is the 3rd crazy in Rochester in 3 months arrested for threatening to kill Obama. Out of control.
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How do they sentence you to 5 years on jail? Is that more serious then in jail? Lol

Smartassing aside, maybe NYers already under higher taxes and stricter laws then most other states are just breaking first.
Yeah, apparently the editors are on vacation or something. Maybe "on jail" is some sort of slang reference to the looney bin.

Any halfway decent lawyer could get these loons off on temporary (or permanent) insanity. LOL.
SMH...Even IF you have those thoughts, you keep them to your self, So, I'll lean towards them being crazy.
Either true psych patients or attention seekers
Either true psych patients or attention seekers
Agreed, Normal mind would not say such things...out loud :ack:
I dont remember any of the stuff that the guy spray painted being threats to kill Obama. They were just anti-Obama staements from what i saw.
Yep, them Rochester fellas be loony all right.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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