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Could Your Router Get You Raided By A SWAT Team?

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A 68-year-old Evansville, Indiana woman and her 18-year-old adopted daughter really wish they had put a password on their wireless router.

According to a lawsuit they've filed against the City of Evansville, the Evansville Police Department, Police Chief Billy Bolin, and an unknown officer of the Evansville Police Department and SWAT team:

On June 21, 2012, the Evansville Police Department and officers of the EPD and its SWAT team executed a search warrant for computer devices and raided Milan's residence with a local television news crew in tow to memorialize the raid

Only Louise Milan and 18-year-old Stephanie Milan were home at the time as officers pounded on the door, tossed flashbang's into the house, and then forced entry by breaking the glass outer door. The lawsuit continues:

Could Your Router Get You Raided By A SWAT Team?
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Seems like the police could have done the computer tracking that led to the arrest of the real perp from the safety of their own headquarters by one computer tech, saving a lot of time money and the very real possibility of innocent people, as well as law enforcement personnel being harmed. A lot of dangerous drama for nothing. More BS!
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