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I'm relisting this item, there was a concern posted by a forum member that the mercury in the meter would be an issue with OSHA. Well OSHA controls the wok place and has no bearing on private ownership. If your planning on displaying this in your business, you may well have a problem. But not if you keep it in a private setting. The mercury in this meter is captive because both ends of the tubes have been sealed, so long as you don't break it or un-cap it there is no more danger then a florescent bulb. You could also easily drain the mercury and dispose of it properly if your concerned about it.

Copied from the original post:

I have this vintage 'Vacameter", a link to pics in my PhotoBucket folder below. It's an early precursor to modern day diagnostic machines for checking your engine for problems. Very cool meter that reads engine vacuum and gives probable causes printed on the scale. I can just imagine a mechanic hooking this up to a car and showing the customer, "There's your problem, you need a valve job which will cost you $20" I'm sure it generated a lot of business for the shops back in the day. It's surprisingly accurate, it was within one inch of vacuum when I compared it to my Snap-On meter.

I've been torn whether I should keep this or sell it, I've had it for many years, it was a gift from my Father before he passed away. But it just sets in the corner of my garage and since my accident I can't work on cars like I use to. I was a professional mechanic for 25 years and did a lot of work under the table here at home nights and weekends. Dad was an antique dealer when he came across this meter, he thought I'd like to have that for my garage and rolled in with it one day. Dad also gave me a real nice old coolant bucket, the old galvanized type with the long neck pore spout with the original Prestone decal. I don't have any pics of that but I can get some if anyone is interested in it, haven't thought about a price for that yet.

I guess I'd rather turn it into cash to go towards a nice AR upper for my build, I'd get more enjoyment out of the rifle. So the price is $600 I'd consider an nice 16 inch AR upper toward the deal. Here's the link to the pics --> VacMeter pictures by guywil - Photobucket

I live in Marathon if you'd like to stop by and check it out, we'll hook it up to your car and see if I can sell you an engine overhaul while your here! :D

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