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At some point I'd like to replace the cheap-o Uncle Mikes Super Belt Slide 8616 holster I picked up for $15 for something more gooder. But before I plunk down $70 for a DeSantis DHS/ICE holster (see below)... need some opinions from those of you on the heavier side of the BMI scale...

I'm 6'0", 245#, got a beer gut, love handles - but I'm also broad shouldered. A body by Budweiser.

I'm left-handed... if I carry at 7:30 - I print like a NY Times press, but it's comfortable for sitting, driving, etc. Obviously my love handles are pushing the gun out at the sides and to me the printing is pretty obvious. Maybe others don't notice (I tried this in the liberal bastion of Ithaca the other day and no screams of "HE'S GOT A GUN!!!!!" from the hippies and socialists dining alongside me in Chipotle.

Moving it forward to the 10:00 position, forward cant, virtually no printing, but sitting down can be a bit uncomfortable. Drawing is a bit awkward - but some dry runs shows it isn't a huge deal. Tried the high-ride slot and it prints and it's not too comfortable. Any tips or ideas? Walking/standing - works great. Sitting, not so great. The gun is a SIG P239. Tried IWB - too uncomfortable. Gun is too large for pocket carry. Don't care much for ankle of shoulder rigs either and a girdle is out of the question!! I just gotta get my fat ass back to the gym and make the 30 lbs I gained over the past 2 years disappear and stick with the program!

WARNING: Don't let your wives see this next picture lest they get all hot and bothered by my killer bod...

Jeans Shoulder White Purple Shorts

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1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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