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Ok, It's time to get a smaller, all day carry pistol (Carrying my G17 for 12 hrs at work and then general carry during the day is starting to give me back problems).

I am not looking for any safe queens or anything overly expensive. Something in the PF9 or LC9 range, with an inside the waist holster being a bonus.
I would like to try and do a trade with my Savage Mk II .22 rifle with bull barrel and 3-9x32 scope, about 350 rounds down range.

The only specific requirement is that it must be a 9mm (as I have safe full of it) and it must be a local deal as I do not want to have to do any shipping (The extra shipping and dealer charges just make a shipped trade impractical).

Niagara County/Erie County (FFL's in either Lockport or Cheektowaga)

Please 'pm' me with any offers of trade or any other questions.
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