This month we will be making some major changes to the site! In this post I'm going to outline some of these changes so you all know what to expect.

First, as you all have probably noticed we are growing like crazy! We're about to tip the scales at almost 50,000+ visits per month. We are also averaging 40-50 online users at a time. Some users who are online regularly have noticed some performance issues as of late so we're going to try to resolve this issue by moving the site to a virtual private server. This should help with any issues and give us a major boost in performance.

Next up, we've listened to everyones recommendations and we're going to update the theme of the site to something fresh and hopefully easier on the eyes for everyone. With this we are also going to be updating the forum software to VB4. This should give us some more enhancements to the forums and hopefully fix any issues that we aren't aware of.

Last, but certainly not least, we will be adding a huge amount of reviews to the site. From our trip to SHOT we were able to make some great contacts and we will be able to review products that might be otherwise unavailable. If you are a manufacturer or a trainer and would like us to review something for you, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Some of the products and services we will be reviewing are:
  • 4Sevens Flashlights
  • Allstar Tactical Enhanced Heavy Buffer
  • Allstar Tactical .22LR Conversion Kit
  • Cammo Brothers Mag Loader
  • Chamber Check Safety Devices
  • CMMG Takedown Upper
  • Inforce Flashlights
  • LaserLyte Laser Rear site
  • LaserLyte Laser Training System
  • LaserMax Uni-Max Micro
  • LaserMax Genesis
  • LaserMax Guide Rod laser
  • Loksak Element Proof Storage Bags
  • MDTS Combative Pistol 1&2 Training
  • NovaTac Flashlights
  • Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts PSOC Training
  • RPD Utah Permit Class
  • SOG Knives
  • Strikemark Reactive Targets
We're also going to revive project AR-15! If you have any other ideas for us whether products to review or site suggestions, contact us or post in the forums!