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U.S. Postal Service Parking Lot Gun Ban Unconstitutional

DENVER, CO. A Colorado federal district court ruled today in favor of a Colorado man and a national gun rights group holding that a U.S. Postal Service regulation barring firearms in its parking lots violates their right to keep and bear arms under the Constitution. The district court ruled, "openly carrying a firearm outside the home is a liberty protected by the Second Amendment [and the] parking lot adjacent to [Avon's Post Office Building] is not a sensitive place [such that] an absolute ban on firearms is substantially related to [Defendants'] important public safety objective."
Pretty cool. I would think this should to extend to pretty much anywhere that is government property, right? Following this logic, locking your pistol in your car when at a Monroe County park should be legal. (I think the law forbidding carrying in the parks is wrong, but it is what it is for now.)

Maybe schools wouldn't be included, because lots of schools have their buses pick up or drop off the kids in the parking lot.
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