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Announcing a CMP club shoot (not registered with CMP) down in Springwater on Sunday, 24 AUG. We are about 40min South of Rochester.

**And in accordance with WARFABs comments, we are geared towards new match shooters. We will slow down and get it right, rather than get all 'snootie' for the sake of match rules & regulations.

40 round CoF (plus sighters):
-10 rounds Slow Prone 10 min
-10 rounds Rapid Prone 80 sec
-10 rounds Rapid Sit/Kneel 80 sec
-10 rounds Slow Off-hand 10 min

We use the SR-C target at 185 yards (a bit short, but hard to move a cliff!)

Registration at 0930 and 1st Shots at 1000.

Match fee $10

Contact: [email protected]

Mapquest link: MapQuest Maps - Driving Directions - Map

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