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Because banning guns will clearly save so many lives...

"Officials have blamed Uygur separatists from Xinjiang for Saturday night's attack, which killed 29 victims and wounded another 143. Four of the attackers were killed and one woman suspect was wounded."

You wont hear main stream media talking too much about 29 people getting hacked to death and another 143 injured because it doesn't fit their gun control agenda.....

To anyone who still thinks guns are the issue, take away all the guns the crazies keep on killing, doesn't matter to them...and we get left defenseless...

Imagine 1 good guy with a gun near that attack, would have been a game changer in an instant.

SWAT team leader 'gunned down five Kunming terrorists in 15 seconds' | South China Morning Post

2014 Kunming attack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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