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So I saw the posting from slickguns about the Cabela's deal for the Herters 30 carbine ammo for $4.99 a box and $5 shipping if you spend more than $150.

Having an Inland M1 I jumped on the deal and bought 31 boxes or 1550rds of ammo to get over the amount listed to get $5 shipping. Awesome deal.

Deal thread:

Here's what I got in my inbox tonight. I guess sometimes deals really are too good to be true.

Thank you for your recent order for the Herter's .30 Carbine 110gr FMJ ammunition. Unfortunately, due to the reasons listed below, your order was cancelled; no charges were made to your credit card.

We strive to be certain our catalog and Online store are both accurate, in word and in pictures; however, should any errors inadvertently appear, we reserve the right to correct them. This is communicated in our catalogs on the information page, as well as on the Online Store under the Customer Service section.

An obvious systems error, which has been corrected, did have the .30 Carbine 110gr FMJ ammunition shown online at a price of $4.99 instead of the correct price of $14.99.

Cabela's sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience and confusion this unintentional error has caused.

Cabela's Customer Relations
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