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C&R and pistols...

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Looking at Gunbroker for some old WWII 1911 and see that a C&R 03FFL is acceptable for some vendors.

I see that in NY, pistols must go to an 01FFL for transfer, I did not see that I must have a pistol permit to be able to acquire said 1911 in addition to a C&R .

I searched for a bit but my head hurts so I will take the Obama Voter route and have someone give me the answer instead of working for it.

Do I need a pistol Permit in addition to a 03 C&R FFL for a WWII pistol?
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Yes. Anything pistol that is not an antique or black powder (correct me if I'm wrong) must go on pistol permit. So what you're looking for requires a pistol permit.
Even a black powder pistol must go on your permit if you have powder to shoot it. If you do not have the capability to fire it, it does not need to go on a permit.
This is my understanding. Do not take legal advice from the internet.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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