This is a like new Byrna SD pepper ball launcher. Comes with 2 factory 5 round mags, 2 tubes of kinetic balls, and a tube of hard to get in NY pepper balls for one of the mags. I will also throw in extra CO2 cartridges cuz it usually only comes with 2. I know where to legally buy more pepper balls so you can get more. I know alot of people still carry, but I don't want the hassle, so I've been carrying this, and it's really nasty to perps or aggressive animals. It takes people out for 1/2 an hour. I also like to carry it in Conn and Mass when I visit and hike there. So if it's so good, why am I selling it. Because I bought a more powerful one! I have only shot a few mag fulls to know how it works and practice. Comes with its case as pictured. I live in the Albany area.