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By the way, getting rid of a gun isn't hard. So this idea that they ve been waiting for the buy back program so they can unload is ludicrous.
The other problem is, an active gang banger turning in a gun is like a teenage girl turning in her cellphone, or a cop turning in his "Throw away gun". It doesn't happen. You have "no idea" how these people cling to their guns. You think you love your gun????

Even when they retire, they ll stash the gun in case enemies come knocking for pay back. They don't trust the cops, so they are not walking willy
nilly in there to drop anything. And contrary to what you think, they don't trust baby mamas either.
Now I am going to speak from experience, not negative experience but experience having lived in brownsville and bed stuy. Most of those guns unlike your gun have murders on there, and they know it, so that gun is never leaving their sight, and they know that
too. Believe me at some point, snatching a rival's gun and dropping it at the PO PO station was a common way to get rid of that rival.
Gangbangers would innocently lose guns at the club or a basketball game, and pack up and skip town asap!
If they must get rid of a weapon, it's in the hudson, or if they sell it, it's to another BG, and they do it incognito. There is a reason it's called "a throw away gun".
Also, if you must sell, you ll make more money selling a gun illegally than at a buy back.
Back then they even had gun hubs. People specializing in gun recirculation. That's all they do. This stuff is more organized than you think. The police here are a step behind, but I don't blame them.

The problem here is that people never lived in the ghetto. You don't know gang bangers, you don't know how they live, you don't know how they think. You are imagining stuff to yourself. Plus you are using logic here that they don't abide by. Believe me I know.

And yes, I am sure if you pull a freedom of info request, as it is your government and you are entitled to, you ll see the stats will show it's mostly old widows, family members who turn in useless guns.

The kicker here is that you and GangBangers have that one thing in common: They don't agree with the gun buy back either.

Nice try though
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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