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Looking to build a budget .308 Would you guys recommend the Marlin 308, Savage axis, or Remington 700ADL?

Trying to find something without a ton of bolt play (like how the 770 is and the bolt moves around quite a bit) so I would really like a solid bolt.
I just bought a new Savage 11 Trophy Hunter XP in 308 with a Nikon 3-9x40 scope for $460 and free shipping from Bud' after much web research. The Trophy Hunter XP version has the better
Nikon 3-9x40 BDC Reticle
scope and the AccuTrigger, where as the cheaper Hunter XP version comes with the lesser Bushnell scope of the same magnification, but not a BDC Reticle and the standard trigger that folks say are crap.
This is going to be my first center fire rifle and most of what I read always said to stay away from these rifle packages, since they usually put a very cheap scope, that you'll end up replacing in short order. They went onto recommend you just buy the rifle you want and then purchase a decent scope and mounting rings later. This Savage Trophy Hunter XP Package seems to be a different story, since they partnered with Nikon to put a fairly decent scope on this rifle and also included the AccuTrigger adjustable trigger system. They also install the proper mounting rings and bore sight the scope to get the rifle shooting fairly straight straight out of the box. I don't know all that much about scopes and mounting rings and whether the various combinations will work on the rifle I chose, so I liked the idea that someone more knowledgable was doing this for me. That said, I do feel that The other Hunter XP package with the lesser scope ans standard trigger was exactly what the experts were warning us about. That's why I put down the extra $125 or so dollars and bought the better Trophy Hunter XP package.
I can't tell you yet how much I like this setup, since I'm picking it up tomorrow evening if all goes well. Below is a link to the rifle package I purchased:

Savage Arms

Savage 11 TH XP 308 NIKON $472.00 SHIPS FREE

BTW the rifle I bought from Bud's has already gun up $12, since I purchased it 3 days ago!

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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