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Breaking in an M&P

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I have a M&P arriving this week. Can anyone give me any guidance on what absolutely MUST BE lubed when first using it? I'm looking for where it will wear the worst without proper lube. Thanks
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The owners manual has the lube points listed. When I got mine I just took it out and shot it. It ran fine with no issues. Remember less is better when lubing a pistol. It's easy to over lube.
Just what I was looking for - thanks.
Consult your Manual. There is at least 5 that I recall it saying.
read the owners manual but the moving parts of the bcg and charging handle along with the pivot points of the fire control group (i use an arosol dry lube) You dont want to use to much or over lube as to much is a magnet for dust, dirt and grime.
OK, thanks again. Every gun I ever owned had some spot or 2 that wore faster than the rest. I was looking to see if that would be the case with this rifle. Never had one before. And many times the voices of experience will tell me more than the factory. Appreciate all the help.
i lube anything that moves. as for the rest of the break in....... shoot and clean after. thats about it. maybe buy a bore snake. i use mine if i wont be cleaning it till the next day or so as i dont always have the time right after shooting all day.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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