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Deep River Customs,a maker of 1911 pistols, is proud to sponsor Bob Marvel, who will beteaching custom 1911 courses in Asheboro, NC, beginning in April 2015.

Bob Marvel is nationally and internationally acclaimed for his craftsmanship in building exceptionally reliable and accurate 1911 pistols. In the past thirty years he has built national championship and world championship winning pistols, as well as pistols for the military, law enforcement, and for civilian use. Bob is well known for a series of.22/1911 conversion designs, 1911 design improvements, and products for the 1911, as well as being a consultant in the firearms industry.

The classes will involve supervised "hands-on" training, lectures, class discussion,trouble shooting, range time and reviews. At the end of the course, each student will walk away with a custom built 1911 pistol, knowledge of how the pistol works, and how to build and repair 1911 pistols from the training acquired in class.

Detailed information can be found at:
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