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I have decided to get a Ruger blackhawk .45 colt for hunting this season. My question is the difference in grips. Has anyone shot the hot ammo with both types of grip? Some say the bisley seems to make heavy recoil more manageable. I have a metal plate and lots of screws and other hardware in my forearm. Heavy recoil seems to rattle it a bit. It's not the most comfortable thing but I can deal with it for now. I will be loading my own so I'm sticking with the .45 colt. Just wondering what grip I should go with. They both seem to fit my hand fine.

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Quick . Reply. The standard grip will cause the gun kind of rotate up and back during recoil. The bisley will be pushed back in more of a straight line.
The bisley grip was invented for target shooting mathes at the famous Bisley range in England. The more straight back recoil reduces muzzle rise.
However in my my experience, with heavier handloads, recoil is harder on the joints with the bisley .

I like and use both.
Hope this makes sence, I am no writer. Haha
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