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Cut & pasted from my post on another site.

This week has brought forth a slew of anti 2A proposals in NY by the newly elected democrat government ( they now have the governor, house and senate) .
Some apply to the entire state, some only to NY City area.

Many are proposed by the same NY City senator that proposed requiring gun owners provide social media passwords to State Police so that they can access their accounts and view its content for any questionable content to approve Pistol Permit.

He is also the one that tweeted to a female aide " Kill yourself" in response to her exposing that his senate parking pass was used on a car not registered to the pass and parked blocking a bicycle lane.
Other career highlights include 3 charges of assault and failure to pay property taxes ( $34000) and water bills ( $10000 plus) as read on his wikipedia page. Kevin Parker is his name.

Requiring hunting license, 5 hr safety class & test, Shooting test with 90% accuracy, notarized proof of passing drug test and mental health evaluation, proof of purchase of a firearm and ammo storage depositories, Back ground check

Banning 50 caliber firearms

Serial #s and registration of home built firearms , including "80% " lowers

Limit purchases of rifle/shotgun to 1 per 90 days.

"Red Flag" law

Micro Stamping requirement

Bump stock/ rapid fire modification ban

Safe Storage requirement

Mandatory firearms safety course

Raise minimum age to possess firearms to 21 more rabbit hunting for teens.
16 for spring or air powered guns ( BB, airsoft, paintball ?)

"Ghost Guns" and 80% frames
Wording makes it unlawful to field strip your firearm.

Extends from 3 days to 30 days a hold on firearm purchase if NICS comes back as a "delay" .
Currently, if there is a "delay" during the mandatory back ground check , ATF has 3 days to investigate and "deny" a purchase else the system automatically updates to " Approve" . Proposal is to extend the 3 day investigation window to 30 days before system automatically approves sale

Flame thrower ban
Which sux cuz there are a couple for sale on Ebay.
Wording could make torches illegal. This could affect muffler shops and steel fabrication shops.

But the NY Senate also has done some non gun stuff recently. They want to ban plastic grocery bags, impose a 5 cent deposit on more drink bottles, proposed laws to maintain their taxpayer funded health care, pay raises to themselves. Access to college grants and loans to undocumented aliens, cut funding to zero dollars to small towns and villages ( cities that voted Democrat are not affected).

The governor signed into law an ******** Act that allows abb ortion up to the time of birth of baby. Like while mom is in labor...

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I received an email from Robert Ortt I think he's a nys senator saying that many of these will be voted on and pass on Monday of this coming week.

Dear Friend,
I write to you today with a sense of urgency and a plea for your support.
If you are a sportsman, firearm owner, or someone who cares about our constitution, YOUR rights are under attack! The next infringement on our rights will likely be comingthis Monday, January 28 in Albany. Your state government - dominated by New York City radicals - plans to vote on many more measures to restrict gun ownership and claw away the rights of law-abiding citizens.
New York already has the strictest gun laws in the nation. Apparently, the SAFE Act wasn't enough of an infringement on our constitutional freedoms: downstate progressives are bent on pushing NEW LAWS to make it as costly, inconvenient, and restrictive as possible to purchase, own, store, transfer, or sell firearms and accessories.
Here are some of the measures they plan to tackle.
It's time to mobilize - SHARE THIS E-MAIL! Show up in Albany. It's time to be heard!

Faithfully Yours,

Rob Ortt, State Senator

Albany Office:
815 Legislative Office Bldg
Albany, NY 12247
District Office:
175 Walnut St, Suite 6
Lockport, NY 14094
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