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Just wanted to warn you guys about Stryker Ent. Owner James Elmazi. Mr. Elmazi took $4700 dollars from my Partners and I for some Fn merchandise, and did not ship said material, and 3 months later still hasn't. Beware, and if you have been burned by him, PM me, we have a lawyer, and have also been in contact with the Illinois State Police.

Joe Franco

" I own a Plumbing company in Mesa, Arizona, my customers always come first, I take pride it the fact that most of my business is from repeat clients, never have I not completed a job, or provided a customer with a poor product. I think it is in fact my goal for my business to be fair, honest, and compationate towards the public who trusts me to take care of them when their in need. This should be a trait among all business owners, and to the ones that defraud, lie, cheat, and steel, they should be inprissioned as any crook would be. If you went into a store, and stole a 500 dollar TV, you would be arrested and put in jail, but for the person who desides not to pay you, or the person who takes your money, and never delivers what you gave him the money for, nothing seems to happen, you have to go through lawyers, spend countless time and money just to get a little justice. I say these people should be arrested on the spot, and let them pay the cost for the suffering they have delt."

Sorry, just venting, its been a long 3 months!
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