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if you can stockpile water (i have 575 gallons) mre can be escaped if you buy a bunch of beans and rice (they dont require heat to cook)
you can add water and a hand full of beans and rice into a ziplock and carry in you pants pocket till it becomes soft and edible (i do this camping)
Be warned that the human digestive system can not extract many calories from uncooked meat, beans and grains. In an emergency you can get some energy but it is better to cook them.

I am surprised that you can tolerate uncooked beans though, because there is an enzyme in raw beans and legumes that causes intestinal gas and cramping and occasional diarrhea. It can be quite severe in some people. The enzyme is destroyed when beans are boiled for a few minutes.

For many health reasons, including but not limited to disease control, it is best to plan for some method of cooking and boiling water as part of emergency preparedness.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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