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When our guberment does covert ops I don't have a problem as long as it is in the interst of the US.

Gaddafi was a tyrant but he was also a secularist and a product of colonialism. He told the warring tribes and sects stop fighting and bickering or you I will kill you and they stopped. Assad of Syria and Mobaric of Egypt was the same way, so was Husein. All allowed Christians. All are now deposed.

The Muslim Brother hood is not secular even though they say they are. Obama places his bets on the brotherhood. Obama despises white privilege colonialism. (read the book with his name as the author) He loses the bet.

Now ISIS - the Brotherhood - Al Qeda and others have US military vests and vehicles.
As a boy in Muslim school he learned about the Levant. Obama never says ISIS, he says ISIL.
Now Arab fighters are swarming Europe and soon the US.

If Hilary knew this and didn't step up to the plate to stop and expose it she is as guilty as Obama. Obama must have some good evidence on Hillary soliciting donations for her foundation on company time. She has to take the bullet or stick to the original story. It is too late to come clean now.

Things that make you wanna say Hmmmmmmm.
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