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Benghazi cover up tied to U.S.*gun-smuggling operation: Documents | Conservative Base
The Obama administration officials - with the awareness of the Secretary of State - were involved in violating a ban on arming rebels in Syria in an operation that mirrors the Iran-Contra Scandal during the Reagan Administration. But while the news media initiated a feeding-frenzy on Iran-Contra, they're either yawning or helping the Obama administration in covering up the Benghazi-to-Syria arms transfers.
During Thursday's House Select Committee on Benghazi hearing, the news media and the Democratic Party information machine appeared to be creating their desired narrative: the GOP is on a witch hunt to stop Hillary Clinton's inauguration as President. But the hearings did manage to force the release of documents that were being hidden by the alleged conspirators

Documents Reveal Origin of Benghazi Attack… | The Last RefugeDocuments Reveal Origin of Benghazi Attack…
When we wrote
the Benghazi Brief we walked through almost two years of research data from February 2011 through September 2012. The brief describes the who's, what's, where, when and why of everything up to 9/11/12

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