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Badger Ordnance rust....

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UPDATE: Just received a brand new rail in the mail. 7/27/2012

So i ordered a badger ordnance rail from SWFA about a week ago and i just opened the little plastic thing it came in and its covered in rust..... I tried to saturated it in oil and wipe it down but it wont come off. Really pissed off. What are my best options? Contact SWFA or Badger? P/N 306-06

UPDATE: Just spoke to badger and they told me that, the rail may have been put in the packaging too soon while it was still hot from being coated and it didn't have enough time to dry. And he told me to hit it with CLP and a nylon brush and then coat it with oil and it should be fine. I did that and it only got alittle better.

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Yeah paid full price for a new product; it shouldn't require elbow grease to look the part. Definitely agree that a refund or replacement is in order
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