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Today (November 5th) is Election Day. I urge all of you to get out and vote and to consider the following…

Back in March & April of this year, many of you went to the meetings of the Schenectady County Legislature and urged them pass a resolution supporting the full repeal of the NY SAFE Act. And as many of you know, the full-repeal resolution failed in the final vote. Listed below is the role call for that vote (the "Aye's" supported SAFE Act repeal, the "No's" sided with King Cuomo):

Brian Gordon - No
Anthony Jasenski - No
Gary Hughes - No
Karen Johnson - No
Phillip Fields - No
Martin Finn - No

Judith Dagostino - No
Robert Hoffman - No
James Buhrmaster - Aye
Thomas Constantine - Aye
Jeffery McDonald - Aye
Holly Vellano - Aye
Cathy Gatta - Aye

Michael Petta - Aye
Matthew Martin - Aye

The underlined names above are all up for re-election today.

Anyone who cares about their 2nd Amendment rights in Schenectady County must vote against the "No" voters from April. Finn, Johnson, and Fields support the SAFE Act and therefore do not deserve the voting support of any gun owners.

Going further, any vote for an incumbent Schenectady County Legislator, even those that voted in favor of repealing the SAFE Act, deserves careful consideration at the polls today. Here are some reasons why:

1. Most of those who voted in favor of the repeal resolution had to be persuaded and convinced behind the scenes to do so. Most people who understand and believe in the 2nd Amendment instinctually knew the SAFE Act was wrong at first sight.

2. The vote on the April SAFE Act repeal resolution seems very much like an "orchestrated failure." The Democratic Legislators all knew how each other would vote before they stepped out on the floor the evening of April 9th. Having the repeal resolution almost pass, failing by a single vote, was an attempt to manage angry constituents while not upsetting King Cuomo. During the portion of the meeting where each Legislator explained their vote; the reasons given by the "Aye" voters were mostly superficial and vague, the reasons given by the "No" voters were considerably more impassioned. I was convinced that those who voted "No" really believed in their vote. I cannot say the same for some of the "Aye" voters.

3. 2nd Amendment issues aside, the performance of the Schenectady County Legislature over the past few years, from overpriced nursing homes to crumbling building, has been abysmal at best. As Steve McLaughlin likes to say, "Time to drain the swamp."

In Legislative District 3, Alan Boulant, Grant Socha, and Nick Gerace are clear choices as 2nd Amendment champions and deserve your vote. (County Team) In the other districts, I am not so sure where everyone stands, but I am sure they can do better than the incumbent Democrats.

Many people feel these local elections are not important, but remember; today's County Legislators are tomorrow's State Assembly Members and Senators. We need a strong 2nd Amendment farm team.

Also, please vote "NO" on Ballot Proposition #1 - Casino Gaming. This proposition is nothing more than King Cuomo's attempt to get back in the good graces of upstate voters after the SAFE Act. The promises of economic development tied to this proposition are false. (The economic growth fallacy of supporting casinos - It is not the legalization of gambling in a free market sense; it is the legalization of gambling by and for the best interests of King Cuomo and his campaign contributors.

Thank you.

-Jason Fagel

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Thanks for posting this. I got to vote against Fields today. I copied the list into a word file as I will keep track for future elections as well.
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