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i recently added a hogue handall junior universal slip-on grip (try saying that three times fast) to my kahr pm40 and am truly pleased with the results. the finger groove makes shooting more manageable, the palm swells helps fill out the grip, and the material/texture gives a more positive purchase on a gun that can sometimes be less than ideal to control (especially since .40 is a snappy round). i would highly recommend this $6 product to anyone with a kahr pm-series pistol. i promise you won't regret it (though for a time i did regret getting the gun in the first place when i had to ship it back to the factory on my own dollar to have better springs installed to avoid all the problems it's notorious for having). i know this may be stating the obvious since hogue is a reputable industry standard, but i figured that sharing my personal experience with it may help encourage others to make their carry pieces that much more comfortable (and therefore effective, possibly life-saving). buy yourself an early christmas gift, she can't justifiably 8!tch about this price even if she finds the receipt!

Handall Junior Universal Slip-On Grip Sleeve Rubber Black
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