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Astorino/Moss Jobs Plan

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Not impressive at all. Half of it Cuomo is already doing, special treatments for special groups, selective use of my money for certain projects/techs. Nothing on closing down certain State agencies like Thruway Authority or OASAS (office of alcoholism and substance abuse services), reducing police force, reducing pensions and salaries of State workers.
WTF is this ****?

-Support a pilot program where beginning farmers receive tax incentives to start a farm in New York State.
-Create a New York Farmer’s EZ-Pass that eliminates Thruway tolls for New York farm-based trucks transporting farm-to-market products.
-Offer individuals a state income tax credit to encourage private investing in qualified start-up ventures.
-Support other renewable energy sources like Solar, Wind and Hydro and provide grants and low interest loans to farms and businesses that make energy efficient improvements.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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