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Hey guys, I know I'm not on here too often, mostly hang out at a building site these days, but I have a few things that I need out of my garage and they are too big to ship.

First up is a Mil surplus mobile armory built to carry 12 A2 rifles. This hing is huge. I used it as a coffee table for a while, but now its just taking up valuable space.

Second is a rocket transport tube,

and third is , well, as I was told " last can with the spigot is actually the container for a 1950's spec USAF "Sustenance kit, Emergency, Aircraft, Type D-1", the can itself being a "Container, Type A-13" and is shown in JL92130 Rescue & Survival Specialist. " The spigot was added by someone later...

Asking $150 for the lot of them! Open to trades. let me know what youve got. Best contact is to email me at my username here at gmail. or PM me here. I'll try nd check back here often but work is hectic.

I'm in the Capital District area and can meet someone up to about a half hour ride or so if need be.

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