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An exciting national rifle marksmanship and American Heritage clinic is coming to Throop (Auburn area), on April 18-19, 2009! No matter where you live in NY, it's worth traveling to this event!

The Revolutionary War Veterans Association is presenting their very popular Appleseed Project in Throop. see for details

Appleseed Shoots are family friendly, they are
FREE to kids under 21, FREE to Women and FREE to those in the Military (active, Reserve or Guard).

The Appleseed Project is the fastest growing rifle marksmanship program in America, with over 300 events nationwide this year. You can join the thousands of Americans nationwide that participate in these events.

An Appleseed Shoot is a rifle marksmanship instructional clinic that strives to instruct rifle shooters how to shoot their rifles, safely and accurately, out to 500 yards, the traditional American Rifleman's quarter mile. We do this by conducting two day clinics, stressing safety, range commands and protocol, and the well proven fundamentals of firing an accurate rifle shot. We instruct shooters on the 6 steps to firing a shot, proper sling usage, Natural Point of Aim, proper positions of standing, sitting, kneeling, prone, how to diagnose and correct common shooting errors, and most importantly, how to pass these skills on to others.

Also during the Appleseed event, you will hear the true and exciting stories of the people and events that surround April 19, 1775, the day America was born, the day "the shot was heard around the world".

You will be treated to fascinating tales of how everyday Americans defended their Rights, thus securing our Rights.

Participants will also learn why American marksmanship was key to winning our Freedom and why it is important for them to learn these same skills with their rifles.

The RWVA is a 501.c.3, non-profit organization that is staffed entirely by volunteers. These same volunteers demonstrate, and stress, that it takes some self-sacrifice to contribute to a community, to help various groups and organizations that exist in an community. The benefits of being active are stressed as well, proving to be a motivational and energizing element to the participants.

So go to, register for the Throop NY Appleseed Shoot on April 18-19 then grab your rifle and join us on the firing line!

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Although I like the appleseed project and you're free to post their events here, would you mind at least posting in the introduction section here so we have some idea who you are?

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