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this thread has been an affirmation of my philosophy of carry, especially the valid points made by scotchman (which i won't reiterate in a rare attempt to be succinct). i preach this method, what i refer to as "dick carry" to my construction worker brethren, for all of the reasons listed above. contrary to popular belief, it ain't aimed at your junk unless you're hung like an elephant (in which case you should be in the movies and not wasting time posting here). i have holsters meant to be worn at the typical 5 o'clock position, but have always felt vulnerable using them. i can't see what's going on behind me, i bend over and reach up a lot in my line of work, and am more susceptible to printing in the hind quarters, especially when sitting down. i can carry almost all of my 17 pistols via appendix carry, with the exception of my tec-9 and desert eagle, and feel more "in control" of a situation guarding an area that i've protected all of my life. i read an article on plain-clothes SAS operatives using this method in iraq and their reasoning paralleled mine, specifically the getting attacked from behind part, so i figured i was onto something. as others have said, if you don't feel comfortable with the condition of your pistol then you shouldn't be carrying. viva la dick carry!
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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