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Anybody catch Combat pawn?

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Pawn shows and gun shows now we got a gun pawn shop. I got a kick out of them opening the store, I wouldn't want to be an early customer.:rofl: Second part tonight @ 10:30 on truTV:cool:
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Yes I was thinking the same about getting there early and then would be like what the heck is going on here? Cool show though.
I thought that show was dummer than the other two gun shows that are already on. Did you see the "tacticool way they entered the store". Not worth staying up for....
Have to agree with dsdmmat, are you kidding me it takes five or six guys with AR's And AK's to open up a pawn shop, Maybe in the middle of bronx or somthing. Thats got "This will look cool on TV" all over it.
I watched this show last night and I got curious and looked them up on the internet. I found this:

"Combat Pawn"...seriously??? -

If you read this link you get the sweeping the parking lot story, background on the people who work there and SPOILER ALERT:

a reality show that is scripted !
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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