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Another Mech Tech legality question

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I asked a while back about a mech tech upper for a 1911 pistol frame, but I do have one other question, when I get my pistol permit and finally buy a 1911, can only another pistol permit holder shoot the carbine?

Since the frame is a pistol I'm assuming that only others with a pistol permit can handle and shoot it when it is in the carbine configuration.

I ended up getting the mech tech upper at you may as well say a steal. I bought it an an auction for $25 just because nobody knew what it was, and nobody was willing to bid on it because of that.
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Isn't it illegal to convert a pistol into a rifle?
Basically the same thing the link I posted from the ATF website says. So it's OK on the federal level. What about the state level? I don't recall a law prohibiting it in the NYS penal code.
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