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I was going threw some stuff i got and dont need and figured id throw it up and see where it goes andriod netbook by sylvania want 75 cash (just for netbook) or ammo 45acp 9mm 357mag 222 223 7.62x39 3030 3006 2506 30carbine.

sylvania wireless Internet divide 7in android netbook
-android operating system explore a whole new way to access Internet
arm 11 processor'
android operating system
7 lcd display
2 usb ports
built in wifi or Ethernet connection for web browsing email and socail networking and entertainment

Would trade any or all of the below just for ammo or make a cash offer..

25ish miss gof clubs, 2 bags and a hand pull cart.
new set of wooden atv ramps
some paintball stuff (3 new co2 tanks 2 pods mask barrel plugs and condoms (which go over tbe barrel) a bag of miss hardwear including co2 tank orgins.

Would consider shipping as well but prefer face to face
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