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And I was there to greet him.

But first, a little reminder...

So, with that in mind, I had a plan that I hatched a few days before the show. I didn't want to get thrown out and yet I wanted to get my message out. What better way than with a t-shirt?

Arriving at the Saratoga Arms Fair promptly at 9 a.m., the first thing I notice are the signs on the door stating no signs, banners, etc. and no chanting, etc. Okay, a t-shirt isn't any of those things, so I should be okay.

I paid my $7 admission ($8 minus $1 off coupon) and checked out all the tables, scoring a bag of 22 Mosin Nagant stripper clips and 2 unknown clips for $20. Considered the T53's (Chinese carbine version of the Mosin Nagant) for $159, but passed as spare cash was rather low.

Multiple announcements were made that they would be having guests arriving today, Zurlo (running for sheriff), Senator Kathy Marchione, and AG Schneiderman. Also, it was mentioned to be respectful of the guests. A little later, an announcement was made heralding the arrival of Senator Marchione, and she received a warm welcome of applause. Then an announcement was made that Schneiderman would be arriving in about 5 minutes (11 a.m.), again with the warning to be respectful.

After a few minutes, I made my way up to the front of the show and positioned myself just inside the entrance. I saw Schneiderman coming through the doorway (to zero applause when he was announced), and that is when I turned around, giving him a view of the back of my shirt.

Whether he took the time to read it, or what his expression was, I cannot say. I only wish there had been video, but I was not done. I moved away from the entrance and waited for another opportunity, and it didn't take long. Schneiderman stopped at one of the very first tables to look at the wares and notices about NICS checks. A photographer was taking pictures of him leaning over the table so I moved back in to a position between Schneiderman and the photographer. Facing the photographer and just off to the side as to not block his view, I again turned so the back of my t-shirt was first facing Schneiderman, and then so it was facing the photographer. Whether the camera was zoomed in to exclude me, I couldn't tell, but my suspicion is the photographer wouldn't have the balls to publish such a picture of both me and Scheiderman.

Senator Marchione made a quick speech about our 2nd Amendment rights to lots of applause. I can't help but feel her speech was timed to occur while Schneiderman was in the room.

His half dozen or so suits were everywhere around Schneiderman. I ignored them, but I could feel them eyeballing me whenever I got close to their protective circle. Over the next half hour, I positioning myself multiple times so that my back was turned towards Schneiderman, then he and his suits left. I also stopped to shake hands with Senator Marchione, thanking her for her support, and explaining that my shirt was not for her, and she asked what it said, so I turned and showed it to her. She smiled, and said sadly it was true. I took one last look at the T53's for a few minutes and then headed for the men's room out in the lobby.

Bonus time! As I headed towards the far end of the lobby, there was Schneiderman right in front of the men's room conducting a press conference. I kept going, and as I got to the restroom door, I paused at the door for an extra half second, my back facing Schneiderman, before opening the door and heading in. A couple minutes later, when I came back out, one of his suits was there, and he immediately directed me past the press conference along the wall so that I would not interfere. At this point, I decided to get lunch from the vendor in the lobby, and after about 5 or 10 minutes, my sandwich was ready, so I walked back towards the conference and sat at a table with my back to Schneiderman for the rest of his visit as I ate. By the time I finished, he was gone, so I headed for home.

Did Schneiderman care? I doubt it. But one thing I did notice about him, and that was he seemed to keep his head down a lot, as if he didn't want to make eye contact with the great unwashed masses of gun owners. To see him in action there, I felt disgust. This man is supposed to, among other things, protect our civil rights here in NY as is posted on his website. He is on the wrong side of the law when it comes to the SAFE Act, and when it gets struck down, I am sure he will still do nothing for us as gun owners, after the fact, to right the wrong.

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Nice work. He should hang his head in shame. He's a disgrace to the office.
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