New York City RENT CONTROL expired at midnight last night. Assemblyman Peter Lopez, NYS Assembly District 102, has a Bill pending for FULL REPEAL of the 'SAFE Act' tied to rent control extensions: Bill A08215

For a bill in the NYS Legislature to become law, it must pass both the Assembly and the Senate in identical form; the Senate bill must be "same as" the Assembly bill. Therefore; a bill must be introduced in the NYS Senate that is exactly the "same as" Bill A08215.

It's up to us! We have to make a mighty noise to the NYS Senate Republican Conference NOW!

If you can make only two phone calls; Please call Senator Flanagan: (518) 455-2071 and Senator Nozzolio: (518) 455-2366
Ask them to sponsor a "same as" bill to Assembly Bill A08215 for the FULL REPEAL of the 'SAFE Act' and to put it up for immediate vote.

Please also call your individual Senator and ask them to vote on the 'same as' bill by the end of Tuesday, June 16th.

Make your voice heard for FULL REPEAL

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