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Accelerated Heartrate Defensive Shooting Skills - September 29, 2012

On the range, we are all the perfect marksmen. We can hit that 'A' zone or the bulls-eye every time. Our firearm always works, right? We are taught to pause our breathing, settle the sights on the target, and ....relax.....


What about when you are under stress? At night? You are moving and your target (aggressor) is moving? How about rain? Snow? Other people? Maybe you just had to run a block or a few hundred yards and you did not get away? What if you have to fight your aggressor to get to your gun? There are many things that make a Dynamic Critical Incident a constantly changing and fluid situation. There is one guarantee during a Dynamic Critical Incident: It will never go as you planned on the range or in the static classroom.

During this course, you will discover how fast your fine motor skills can diminish, what skills you will revert to, and how your mindset can and will be altered during a Dynamic Critical Incident. We will get your heart rate up to a moderately increased level, stress you out by giving you multiple tasks, confuse you by differing commands or situations, and more! The goal will be to get you out of your comfort level and get you to operate at your peak efficiency.

Subjects Covered:

Stress and how the body reacts and compensates
What adrenaline is and what it does to you
How your body optimizes the stress reaction to survive
How to utilize your body's reactions to win a Dynamic Critical Incident
The difference between 'Fine motor skills' and 'Gross motor skills'
Fighting and shooting under stress and fatigue

Required Equipment:

Eye and ear protection
A working, reliable defensive handgun
500 rounds of ammunition (minimum)
At least 3 magazines or speedloaders with carry pouches
A quality, strong-side holster
Comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing is a must
Water and snacks for energy
A lunch
Elbow and knee pads are optional

NOTE: This course is moderately physically demanding. Any health concerns (Heart, Respiratory, etc) should be addressed before attending. Please consult the instructor and your doctor if you have any questions.

Date: September 29th, 2012
Location: Rochester Brooks Club, Rush NY
Cost: 155.00

Register at: Rochester Personal Defense -, Self Defense Classes, Firearms Training in Rochester New York or call us at 585-406-6758

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Special session on October 20. PM me for details!
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